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This is my OOC blog. Click 'more' for a list of IC character blogs. This blog is NSFW and I am awful about tagging, you have been warned. Pretty much a collection of stuff I like, find funny or think it's important to signal boost. I don't really like labels, so I'm not going to list off a bunch of -ist's. Instead, I'll just say that I'm just down with people treating each other well, one human being to another. Don't have a pronoun preference or anything like that, but will respect others', if they have them.

Games I play: Wow, GW2 and FFXIV. Avid roleplayer on all three, but I also like PvP and pet collecting/battling (WoW).


Likely going to use the BRD Divine body for a glamour, but was toying around with using the yukatas instead.  I probably need different boots if I use the Divine body.

What do you guys think?

The black yukata looks nice, because the brown goes with the hat and legs!

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when u draw somethin really good outa no where like


wtf where did that come from hand? ?? ?

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It'd be nice if you wanted to do more than ERP.
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This has to apply to at least 75% of MG

You are 75% of MG, you fucking scumbag ERP monster.


Wait, 75% of the ERP on MG comes from avaruu?


I love how people rage about ERP yet I think everyone I have rp’d with has done it at least once on wow. As long as it isn’t in public chat, who cares. Seriously. Let people have fun how they wish to.

Honestly I could care less about ERP. Half the time normal roleplay is far more provocative. 

I won’t rag on it, but as the anon suggests there are players that do nothing but.

I ERP 99.9% of the time that I log into WoW. As soon as I log in my first few words is ‘the panties begin to drop’.

You mean /afk

I don’t think I will ever understand why people feel the need to comment on what other people choose to rp, particularly if what they are rping is private (and adult stuff kept that way, in /p, or via whispers, Skype or whatever).

If you have no interest in erp and all ‘person a’ does is erp, clearly you have no common ground for character interaction… so go find an rp parter who has interests that do align to yours. It just seems kinda common sense to me.

If you’re not rp’ing with someone, why do you care what they rp? (General ‘you’ of course.)

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Do you have a super-snazzy character that you’d like some equally super-snazzy art of? Well you’re in luck, friend!
» Check this link out for current pricing & stuff «
» Here’s my art tag for more examples «
[Sorry, but I don’t draw NSFW (tastefully nudity is a-okay tho), feral, or extreme violence/gore.]
Please reblog if you like what you see! Signal boosting = love. <3

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I wonder sometimes if I am ever going to get over what they did. I happened to see one of their names ‘liking’ a Facebook post by another mutual friend. Knowing I shouldn’t, I went to their page, really just to… I don’t know. See how they were doing, what they were up to. And I started remembering the good times we had, the laughter we had shared over the years. How they were there for me during some incredibly difficult times, how we had celebrated victories together (or at least, as together as we could get over the internet). They were my best friends.

And I missed them. And I started thinking about if or how we could make amends, how we could potentially repair those relationships that we had cultivated and meant so much.

But this got me to remembering when and how it ended, the lies, the talking that went on behind my back. The planning that must have happened, while I was completely unaware. The cruel things they said and the actions that the three of them, as a group, decided together upon, knowing how badly it would hurt me. I remember the thinly veiled jibes and insults aimed at me on their podcast the first show after they left. I remember how devastated I was after their betrayal, that I hadn’t seen coming in a hundred years.

And it hurt all over again, almost as much as it had back then. I hate that this still twists in my gut, but more than that, I hate that I still think about them, that I still miss them.

Sometimes I just wish I could retcon people out of my life, out of my memory.

+ Reblog this if it is okay to anonymously confess a dream, secret or fantasy to you.

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Finished Throkka! Fist pump of victory after getting the first release of the Epic Thrall Swag(TM) found in the Goblin Slums! 

oxstone Is playing her mama, Goshka.

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Thalacia ~

"I accompanied some friends on a Imaginary RPG: About four elemental dragons that weakened and become humanoid beings after a geological phenomenon.

I chose the Water Dragon, made ​​him a female and named Thalacia. When I finished I was inspired by the image I created the humanoid form of Thalacia, then I conceived her existence with this drawing ~ hehe”

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These two pictures from the director of the Ferguson Public Library and the library’s instagram are also worth sharing. 

Library is family. Library is the heart of a shattered community.

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